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Disclaimer: The $HITcoin token ($HIT) is a utility token designed for use within the ꜩ Tezos ecosystem. It is not intended to be a medium of exchange for goods or services outside of the ecosystem. Holding $HIT does not entitle token holders to any ownership rights, dividends, or investment returns. The value of $HIT may fluctuate and is not guaranteed. $HIT is not intended to be a security or a tradable financial asset.

$HITcoin Toilet Paper (whitepaper)


In the beginning, skllzrmy.tez created the $HITcoin and the $HITdao, and skllzrmy.tez saw that it was good.


Welcome to the $HITcoin Toilet Paper, where we take humor, memes, and shitcoins to a whole new level! In this whitepaper, we’ll explore the exciting world of $HITcoin, a token that doesn’t take itself too seriously but still aims to bring laughter and entertainment to the crypto community.


$HITcoin may not have a long and storied history like other cryptocurrencies, but it makes up for it with its unique charm and irreverent spirit. Born out of the depths of internet memes and the desire for a good laugh, $HITcoin is the ultimate embodiment of meme culture and shitcoins. We’re here to embrace the absurdity and have a damn good time while doing it!


Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of $HITcoin’s tokenomics. We don’t have any complicated algorithms or groundbreaking technology to boast about. Instead, we offer you a simple and straightforward token that’s meant to be a hilarious addition to your crypto portfolio.

$HITcoin Utility

Now, you might be wondering, “What the hell can I do with $HITcoin?” Well, the truth is, not much! And that’s the beauty of it. $HITcoin is all about embracing the meme culture and joining a community of like-minded individuals who appreciate a good joke and a bit of laughter. We’re building a community on Discord where you can connect with fellow shitcoin enthusiasts, share memes, and have a great time together. We will offer special roles and perks in Discord to hodlrs of $HITcoin at various tiers.

Token Supply

Unlike other cryptocurrencies that talk about scarcity and limited supply, we’re not going to bore you with those details. We minted a limited supply of 420M $HIT, with 8 decimals. A fraction of a $HIT is called a $HIToshi. Each $HIT token can be subdivided into 0.00000001 $HIToshi. Let’s just say we have enough $HITcoin to go around and make everyone laugh their asses off. We won’t be minting any more $HITcoin, so what you see is what you get. Token contract address: KT1LrYH1qE2zipJGfmtvu9grEp3ZRgpd6EYc

Token Distribution

Details of the token distribution? Who needs ‘em! We believe in the power of spontaneity and surprise. Keep an eye on our official $HITcoin channels for updates and announcements about how you can get your hands on this hilarious token.


Every shitcoin comes with its fair share of risks, and $HITcoin is no exception. We want to be transparent with you, even if it means admitting that our token is more of a joke than a serious investment. So, keep in mind that the value of $HITcoin may fluctuate wildly, and it’s all in good fun. Don’t take it too seriously, and definitely don’t bet your life savings on it!

Regulatory Compliance

We know the crypto world can be a bit of a legal minefield, but we’re doing our best to navigate it with a sense of humor. While we strive to comply with applicable laws and regulations, we can’t guarantee that we won’t accidentally step on some toes along the way. It’s your responsibility to ensure compliance with your local laws while enjoying the wild ride that is $HITcoin.

Founders and DAO Members

The $HITcoin project is led by a team of individuals who have a deep appreciation for meme culture and shitcoins. Our founders include The Sheik of $HIT skllzrmy.tez, the Sultan of Scat LokiTheHorror, and the brick $HIT house Mattp6563. Together, we’re on a mission to bring laughter to the crypto community and create a space where meme enthusiasts can come together and have a damn good time.

Roadmap, Goals, Risks, Potentials, and Regulatory Facts

Our roadmap is a bit like a treasure map, except the treasure is laughter and the journey is filled with ridiculous detours and unexpected twists. We have goals, risks, potentials, and regulatory facts, but let’s be honest, they’re all part of the joke. So, join us on this hilarious journey, and let’s see where $HITcoin takes us!


In conclusion, $HITcoin is a shitcoin like no other. It’s not about revolutionizing the world or disrupting industries. It’s about embracing meme culture, having a good laugh, and enjoying the absurdity of the crypto world. So, come join us on this wild and hilarious ride, and let’s make the crypto community laugh their asses off with $HITcoin!

Please note that this document is for entertainment purposes only and does not constitute financial or investment advice. So, sit back, relax, and take a $HIT!