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Game of the MONTH - May '24

May 13th - June 9th

Compete for up to 200,000 $HIT in prizes! Join us in Discord to participate.


Jump into the microscopic world of ATOMIC, where strategic tapping unleashes a chain reaction of explosive fun! Wait for the precise moment to release your Stable Green Atom with a simple tap. Watch as they react with Unstable Atoms, triggering a mesmerizing expansion. The more atoms you unleash, the better your score! But hurry! Unstable Atoms have a limited half-life, disappearing if you don't act swiftly. Can you beat the clock and master the art of atomic expansion?

Contest - 200,000 $HIT in prizes

Screenshot the LEVEL SELECT SCREEN showing the number of stars you have earned on ALL levels in a given mode. Keep playing and updating your score all month!
* You can play on any platform, there is no requirement to stay on the website.

  1. Submit the screenshots in the Discord channel #game-of-the-month to enter the raffle and be featured on the leaderboards.
  2. Submit to ANY leaderboard to be eligible for the participation raffle. ONE LUCKY WINNER gets 50k $HIT
  3. Top of each leaderboard at the end wins 50K $HIT - and remains eligible for the participation raffle.
    • With a max of 45 stars per mode, that means these prizes can be locked in early!
Classic Mode
El Gomoriso
45 Stars
May 13, 05:09 AM PT
33 Stars
May 13, 01:42 AM PT
Bounce Mode
El Gomoriso
15 Stars
May 13, 06:01 AM PT
8 Stars
May 13, 07:56 AM PT
Phase Mode
El Gomoriso
15 Stars
May 13, 02:50 PM PST
3 Stars
May 13, 08:09 AM PST