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Game of the Week

Compete for high scores and win prizes! Join us in Discord to participate.

level 30
Apr 22, 11:35 AM PT
level 17
Apr 21, 05:05 PM PT
level 9
Apr 21, 01:03 PM PT
Ninja Jump Xtreme Game Thumbnail

Ninja Jump Xtreme

A thrilling platform adventure where you guide a fearless ninja across 30 challenging levels, collecting coins and dodging spikes. Prove your agility and precision to unlock each new stage. A ninja is always ready to jump!


Press Pause, then the Home icon, then screenshot the STAGE SELECT screen showing your highest unlocked stage and submit it in the Discord channel #game-of-the-week to enter the raffle and be featured on the leaderboard.
Enter for a chance to win 5K $HIT!
Top of the leaderboard wins 10K $HIT

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