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Mon, Feb 19, 01:08 PM PT
Mon, Feb 19, 05:59 PM PT
Burned Leader
Mon, Feb 19, 08:07 PM PT
Tue, Feb 20, 11:10 AM PT
Tue, Feb 20, 06:05 PM PT
El Gomoriso
Wed, Feb 21, 04:16 PM PT
Rolling Cheese Game Thumbnail

Rolling Cheese

This little mouse is starving! Get the cheese to him in order to solve the levels. Click breakable objects and get them out of the way. Collect up to 3 strawberries in every puzzle to gain more points! Try to obtain 3 stars on all 24 levels!


Screenshot the LEVELS screen showing your highest completed stage and stars achieved and submit it in the Discord channel #game-of-the-week to enter the raffle and be featured on the leaderboard.

$HIT ICO celebration continues in week 3!

Enter for a chance to win 5,000 $HIT!
Top the leaderboard to win 10,000 $HITโ€ผ๏ธ

No purchase necessary. Terms and conditions are listed in Discord. Ensure you meet ALL qualifications to be eligible for the raffle. Winners will be announced in Discord.

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